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Why international certification is the  key to your success as an online teacher?


In today’s rapidly evolving work place, university or college degrees no longer demonstrate your competence as an expert. The full measure of your knowledge is reflected in your ability to constantly upgrade skills through continuing professional development. This can only happen through the process of certification on an on going basis.


ICPI-Train2Teach-online has filled this critical gap through the “Certified International E-Teacher” or CIET a modular online training program of 50 hours. Above all it's an instructor-led professional training & certification course which can be done virtually in real time wherein instructor & pupil face each other live on their computer screen with full compliment of communication tools like audio/video/text chat & smart white boards. Hence your location is not a constraint and this course can be done wherever you may be as long you have a computer connected with a reliable broadband, head set fitted with microphone & a webcam.


Don't worry we will simply walk you through this entire program in a step-by-step process in just 50 instructional hours. You will become capable of teaching your subject live to Anyone...Anywhere... Anytime! That too sitting right in you own home!!  Thus helping you to earn second income in your spare time!!!


Under the “Certified International E-Teacher” or  CIET program - ICPIas an impartial third-party trains, tests, benchmarks and certifies your abilities to a set standard of knowledge and skills which have been attained in 50 hours. This will not only hone your skills to international level but position your career at the cutting edge of technology. 


What makes train2teach-online the best choice to realise your dreams?


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